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Consistency is a pattern of behavior, a mindset. It is defined by the individual based on one’s needs. When I think of consistency, I think of being in agreement with myself, understanding my needs and wants and how to coexist without losing my sense of self.

I imagine a banquet of different versions of myself. I see hurt, pain, love, confusion, vulnerability and lust among other things. The question: How can I acknowledge myself and create a state of harmony within? Harmony is order, an arrangement and a flow. It’s like practicing yoga in a group of Catrell’s and moving with the same rhythm despite the differences that exist within.

I have a mindfulness journal by Catherine Price. It introduces mindfulness and has activities that can be practiced for just 5 or 10 minutes throughout your day. It is a practice of taking time to notice what is happening. Mindfulness is about recognition, allowance, and curiosity. The purpose of mindfulness is be aware. So many of us, myself included, are numb to life. We sleep, work, and come home only to repeat the same steps the next day. “Do more than belong, participate”. William Arthur Ward
Catherine Price

Gratitude (STOP. LOOK. GO.)

Can I be honest? I love books! Over the Christmas holiday, I went to my favorite bookstore, Barnes & Nobles, and purchased a book on Gratitude. It is a simple book written by Kristi Nelson named Everyday Gratitude. “This book offers a word of inspiration and a provocative question to start your day.” (Kristi Nelson) It is a reflection book to teach you to stop, look or go forward.

Day 1: I committed to change. I noticed that I am inconsistent and because of my inconsistency, I struggle to commit. This has impacted my ability to be accountable, follow routines and improve my eating habits. My goal is to practice being consistent.

Day 2: I reflected on the goodness of giving back to my community and contacted the local art center to volunteer. It will allow me to be helpful while participating in something that I am passionate about. Plus I will have the added benefit of meeting new and old friends.


Cultivate bravery, bounce back when you fall, let go of fears and practice positivity. This book has exercises to build confidence and boost your self-esteem. One of my favorite exercises in this book is making a connection with the sun. I wake up in the morning, find the sunniness spot and breathe. This is supposed to improve serotonin levels in the brain that contribute to anxiety and depression. Does it work? It definitely improves your mood, but that might be due to breathing. Breathing release chemicals to the brain that improves mood. Check out Max Strom, Ted Talk, Breathe to Heal.
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